Slow by Design

The “change” that (trade) publishing as an industry needs is coming along more slowly than many observers and commentators thought. As policy, platforms and technology continue to zip through iteration after iteration with mesmerizing speed, the cultural issues with parts of the industry seem to keep dragging, with the odd exception. The deeper structural problems,Continue reading “Slow by Design”

Changing approaches to change

If you log into an “About Us” page on an organization and the people all look and sound very similar, then this is the mark of an organization that is not embracing diversity. Those kinds of pages are a feature of the system, not a bug. It is not heteregenous, it is homogenous. It isContinue reading “Changing approaches to change”

Change Management : Publishing

I recently completed the Foundation level APMG Change Management course. It’s been an interesting course of study, with some insightful ways of seeing the world of work. Naturally, some of my thoughts as I worked through the training, exercises, revision and then the exam, turned to publishing as an industry, a profession and a setContinue reading “Change Management : Publishing”

Reading Habits in Publishing

I am reading Philip K. Dick’s “The Penultimate Truth” at the moment.  It’s starting to perk up – Dick’s sci-fi is always laden with vaguely gauche but nonetheless compelling lingo and future slang.  It also has plot twist after plot twist – remorseless in some cases – which perfectly justify his work being in theContinue reading “Reading Habits in Publishing”

On Becoming A Commissioning Editor

A little something I wrote a while ago, for the Society of Young Publishers.  I am now Publisher for Linguistics and Philosophy at Bloomsbury Academic and can be reached at gurdeep dot mattu at gmail dot com or @gurdeepmattu On Becoming a Commissioning Editor I think that it is fair to say that almost allContinue reading “On Becoming A Commissioning Editor”

Self-Publishing: 1

I have recently spent some time looking into self-publishing options.  It is a huge area of growth.  Many new firms have sprung up offering just this: lulu and Pressbooks to name just two.  New technologies and the ease of their implementation have hit a sweet spot in terms of user-friendliness and the success stories ofContinue reading “Self-Publishing: 1”