“It Couldn’t Last Without The Hurt”

A new Manics album, then, and the metronomic tick of time. It brings with it not so much an album as a set of memories and touchstones, a gallery of images, slogan-daubed jeans and beery gigs, of making it my own way, finding out what that way was, who was part of it. I haven’tContinue reading ““It Couldn’t Last Without The Hurt””

Liturgy of Modern Love: IV

If we’re clear on this, And I think we’re clear on this, Then we’ll proceed. We’re not so mired in ourselves To not know what we’re doing. (We know what we’re doing) Now, let me talk about this One: You’re the only One: When you smile Your crooked Joker’s smile And put that trapper hatContinue reading “Liturgy of Modern Love: IV”