‘In Love with Being in Love’

The Joy of the Debut. There’s that fearlessness, and it is to do with the invention on the fly, the trammelled ways have not yet been put in place. It can be gauche or breathtaking in equal measure and it is art’s taking your first unaided steps, the tottering around. Is it because it isContinue reading “‘In Love with Being in Love’”

We drifted somewhere into the Heart

It was both bright and it was full of sadness, yes?  The two of us sat there betting on the price of gold, would it rise?  You say it rises but I don’t believe you half the time.  Each of us had three computer monitors and access to a limited, and now dwindling, investment fund.Continue reading “We drifted somewhere into the Heart”

Wide Open Spaces

An urban agglomeration such as Westfield Stratford City is of great interest to the author. Westfield Group is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has a portfolio of properties with a market value of over £30bn. It is a growing force for change. As a group, it takes projects from planning, funding and conceptContinue reading “Wide Open Spaces”

On Becoming A Commissioning Editor

A little something I wrote a while ago, for the Society of Young Publishers.  I am now Publisher for Linguistics and Philosophy at Bloomsbury Academic and can be reached at gurdeep dot mattu at gmail dot com or @gurdeepmattu On Becoming a Commissioning Editor I think that it is fair to say that almost allContinue reading “On Becoming A Commissioning Editor”

Listening to Music on a Walkman Cassette Player

I write this on the second day of Spring 2013.  It is sunny, but cold.  Last year, I purchased a Walkman, because for a long time, I hadn’t listened to music on cassette.  It was a model bought from eBay and is a WM-36 with Dolby NR.  It wasn’t too expensive, but then the 3.5mmContinue reading “Listening to Music on a Walkman Cassette Player”

Liturgy of Modern Love: III (prose interval)

It occurs to me as slanted Autumn sun comes into the carriage that a lot of people who have said that they would keep in touch have not kept in touch and that makes me sad.  What use were the crazed confessions of love now that days are spent in front of Excel edifices?  IContinue reading “Liturgy of Modern Love: III (prose interval)”