The Renaissance Vision of Man in the Cosmos

    Yacuum is staring at The colour television While the adverts blare Trumpets in the room.   We’re encouraged to try to Envision these spiritual truths: To buy is a good, to have Is true, it soothes you —-   But Yacuum feels the age old Pressure on his temples From an angry FatherContinue reading “The Renaissance Vision of Man in the Cosmos”

“The Drunk on The Plane”

There is something so sad About the drunk woman Next to me. (Sure, I’ve been there.) I even have the T-shirt. There are the loves I Have seen ground down, and It stabs at my heart, Just as the cheering glass coddles it. The thrashing, fitful Drunken sleep of the Middle aged Woman next toContinue reading ““The Drunk on The Plane””

Dolls House, Hoxton @deaddollshouse

I never thought to join a doll’s house. I worried how I would fit in. Such small places, Arcadian places, Sylvanian places, so bereft of sin. I’d never fit in. Then I heard of another house of Dolls, Near Old Street’s blessèd Doughnut City, O Mother Hoxton!, sanctified even through all the booty calls. ButContinue reading “Dolls House, Hoxton @deaddollshouse”