Changing approaches to change

If you log into an “About Us” page on an organization and the people all look and sound very similar, then this is the mark of an organization that is not embracing diversity. Those kinds of pages are a feature of the system, not a bug. It is not heteregenous, it is homogenous. It isContinue reading “Changing approaches to change”

Corona Diary: 1

So, the world changes, irrevocably. I keep refreshing the news and Twitter until I feel slightly nauseous, my own sense of unease and powerlessness building.  Leah Finnegan’s writing at The Outline seems to be to unusual perceptive and her piece, “The internet is making me sick” was a great read that I recommend you makeContinue reading “Corona Diary: 1”

Some Thoughts on Digital Platforms and Accreditation

  I recently spoke to an academic who is a Director of Research for a department at a sizeable institution.  Our conversation was broad ranging – from ideas for books to the notion of not having enough bookshelf space and through to Open Access.  Open Access always seems to come up, because it is, quiteContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Digital Platforms and Accreditation”

The 90s : I, or “Also on the album is Gang Starr’s remix of “What I Am” by Tin Tin Out featuring Emma Bunton”

Even the light was different then: more slanted, more oblique, or perhaps this is just the sepia of the mind’s eye. I’m not entirely sure how widely known it is that Mica Paris did a cover version of U2’s ‘One’. It nestles, remixed by Perfecto, on an album called “90s Remix” that I am currentlyContinue reading “The 90s : I, or “Also on the album is Gang Starr’s remix of “What I Am” by Tin Tin Out featuring Emma Bunton””

“We” say it’s a New Year

We, whatever that pronoun now means, move into the New Year.  It’s been a ‘festive season’ but I haven’t felt very festive: Black Friday rugby scrums, pointless mark ups and then “sales” featuring yet more scrums and midnight queues for merchandise.  “We” marked Christmas Day and we also observed the solemn drinking bacchanal that isContinue reading ““We” say it’s a New Year”

Reading Habits in Publishing

I am reading Philip K. Dick’s “The Penultimate Truth” at the moment.  It’s starting to perk up – Dick’s sci-fi is always laden with vaguely gauche but nonetheless compelling lingo and future slang.  It also has plot twist after plot twist – remorseless in some cases – which perfectly justify his work being in theContinue reading “Reading Habits in Publishing”

Retro Party Groove

I take the bike down the road to the Innsville.  It’s hot.  Baking hot.  Hot enough that I think of stopping at the Tim Horton’s but carry on and park up by the Bell phonebooth and go in to the air conditioned main bar.  The Innsville is really a hotel and restaurant but they haveContinue reading “Retro Party Groove”