Changing approaches to change

If you log into an “About Us” page on an organization and the people all look and sound very similar, then this is the mark of an organization that is not embracing diversity. Those kinds of pages are a feature of the system, not a bug. It is not heteregenous, it is homogenous. It isContinue reading “Changing approaches to change”

Book Review: “New Grub Street” by George Gissing

George Gissing published “New Grub Street” in 1891.  I picked it up for free on the Kindle store and read it on my ereader, initially just as something to pass the time whilst I waited for another book to arrive.   Gissing’s novel starts off fairly slowly and I almost gave up, but I am ratherContinue reading “Book Review: “New Grub Street” by George Gissing”

D. H. Lawrence, “Sons and Lovers”

“All the life of Miriam’s body was in her eyes, which were usually dark as a dark church, but could flame with a light like a conflagration. Her face scarcely ever altered from its look of brooding. She might have been one of the women who went with Mary when Jesus was dead. Her body wasContinue reading “D. H. Lawrence, “Sons and Lovers””

Book Review: “Intermission” by Owen Martell

I recently finished Intermission by Owen Martell (William Heinemann, 2013).  I read the title as an ePub proof on NetGalley.  The publishers have struck gold with Martell, as long as they don’t push him to write a Dan Brown style thriller.  Think of Jon McGregor’s If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things but add a beautifulContinue reading “Book Review: “Intermission” by Owen Martell”