Peameal Ham

A short update. Not entirely enthused by the lockdown sourdough mania, I have however made a successful Peameal ham. This went down very at lunch, served as a sandwich in Polish farmhouse bread with some Dijon mustard, raw Picarella pepper and Isle of Wight tomatoes. L heartily approved but did tell me off for using the chef’s knife on the cherry tomatoes. Len Deighton also warns against it, in his Action Cookbook, advising that whilst he didn’t know how or why, the tomato skins immediately blunted a sharp knife. He advises, much like L, the use of a serrated kitchen knife.

Included below are some pictures of the Peameal ham, cooked first in water with clove, cardamon and pickling brine (small dash), covered in polenta and maple syrup, and then hot baked at Gas 7, and slow cooked at Gas 1 for the amount of time it takes to drink two Stellas and one Guinness Foreign Extra.

Next time, I’ll continue to post about Change Management and publishing strategy.

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