Kind of true, I guess, despite so much angst the other way but yes

War On Drugs is just music for people who lke Dylan and Springsteen but hate the politics or can’t deal with the politcs and so they get a facsimile and celebrate it. And the name, har har, because, har, ‘the war on drugs, Nixon, viet – erm, yeah, har ! War on drugs.’.

I once worked in an office in NYC and when I cranked open the courtyard/internal window, and then leaned out a little to get a breeze, the head of Editorial came in very quickly to check I wasn’t going to kill myself. NYC everyone. He previously hadn’t cared much about anything I was doing but there was a trigger.

Well done, society. Well done, postmodernism !

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I’m an author and publisher. I live and work in London and am the author of “Sons and Fascination” (2011, Paperbooks). It's available here:

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