Review : Aero Mousse

I am a big fan of Aero chocolate bars, my almost all time favourite chocolate bar is the Peppermint Aero. It’s up there with Lion bars, Galaxy Ripple, KitKat Peanut Chunky and the other classics of the genre. So I was intrigued by this new effort from the scientists at Nestlé. The bar is light – the mousse is soft and creamy and it means you don’t feel too satiated, apart from, of course, the mass of sugar, fat and salt injected into your bloodstream. It is pretty good and I might try again if I find it on offer. The wrapper is nice, all gold tones and retro vibes.

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One thought on “Review : Aero Mousse

  1. This looks like an intriguing snack, but I always feel a bit cheated by aero’s – there’s just too many air bubbles where there should be chocolate. I’m sure for a similar price you could buy a snickers which is probably double the weight and so in my view double the value!

    Anyway, I hope you only ate half the bar in one sitting as recommended by the packaging. Also kudos for the retro paper to do list. My favourite to do list tool is currently Trello. In fact it shares some similarities with the Aero in the sense that it’s quite lightweight and easy on the eye.

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