Review : KitKat Chunky Double Caramel

And lo, KitKat did go too far. Not content with their odd and disturbing KitKat Mocha (in the classic four finger style, but with overtones of mint and cold tea) this Chunky version is loaded with two types of caramel. It’s on offer at Sainsbury so I picked it up. First bite and it is redolentContinue reading “Review : KitKat Chunky Double Caramel”

Review : Waitrose Banana

Today I had a Waitrose Fairtrade Banana. Bananas are a yellow fruit that it eaten by peeling the exterior ‘wrapping’ off to expose a soft off-white fleshy protuberance. This particular banana had been in my bag for two days and was rather bruised, but the interior had survived relatively unscathed. Sadly, it was not sweet,Continue reading “Review : Waitrose Banana”

A Walk Down High Street North, East Ham, E6

Spurred on by a need to stretch the legs and the news that High Street North is developing into somewhat of a ‘curry mile’, L and I decided to head off on a walk from the Boleyn ward end of Barking Road down Central Park road and up the High Street.  Our nominal destination wasContinue reading “A Walk Down High Street North, East Ham, E6”