Agamben on Money

Giorgio Agamben: These days, the words “crisis” and “economy” are not used as concepts but rather as words of command that facilitate the imposition and acceptance of measures and restrictions that the people would not otherwise accept. Today, “crisis” means, “you must obey!” I think it is very obvious to everyone that the so-called “crisis” hasContinue reading “Agamben on Money”

Aldgate East, Redux

The entrance to the station remains similar. The twin stairs, bending elegantly one hundred and eighty degrees to the mezzanine ticket hall. Below, the platform, once dark black tarmacadam, painted over. The ceiling peeling, the air thick with memory. The refurb took awhile, flattened, tiled floors, a dropped ceiling, coated and skimmed walls and pillars.Continue reading “Aldgate East, Redux”