“The Drunk on The Plane”

There is something so sad About the drunk woman Next to me. (Sure, I’ve been there.) I even have the T-shirt. There are the loves I Have seen ground down, and It stabs at my heart, Just as the cheering glass coddles it. The thrashing, fitful Drunken sleep of the Middle aged Woman next toContinue reading ““The Drunk on The Plane””


So, I’m trying out Wright’s Premium White Bread mix as a stop gap and to learn some kneading techniques with a premix. The baker is still suffering.from a cold and is fresh from a two-man moshpit in Leytonstone last night (to a cover of ‘Paranoid’ by the Sabbath). We also watched.”Gravity” which is one ofContinue reading “Bread”

Wide Open Spaces

An urban agglomeration such as Westfield Stratford City is of great interest to the author. Westfield Group is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has a portfolio of properties with a market value of over £30bn. It is a growing force for change. As a group, it takes projects from planning, funding and conceptContinue reading “Wide Open Spaces”