Dolls House, Hoxton @deaddollshouse

I never thought to join a doll’s house. I worried how I would fit in. Such small places, Arcadian places, Sylvanian places, so bereft of sin. I’d never fit in. Then I heard of another house of Dolls, Near Old Street’s blessèd Doughnut City, O Mother Hoxton!, sanctified even through all the booty calls. ButContinue reading “Dolls House, Hoxton @deaddollshouse”

Self-Publishing: 2

In the previous piece, we ended with the analogy of the self-checkout. We begin there: on a trip to the supermarket. Let’s say, at the end of a short grocery shop, the customer packs their goods st the self-checkout, but does so badly. In the publishing world’s embrace of electronically mediated books, bad packaging canContinue reading “Self-Publishing: 2”