Liturgy of Modern Love: IV

If we’re clear on this, And I think we’re clear on this, Then we’ll proceed. We’re not so mired in ourselves To not know what we’re doing. (We know what we’re doing) Now, let me talk about this One: You’re the only One: When you smile Your crooked Joker’s smile And put that trapper hatContinue reading “Liturgy of Modern Love: IV”

“Tide is beginning to turn … Friends aren’t coming round”

But the tide is beginning to turn, according to Lindsay Cuthill, a director at Savills estate agents: “When this trend began five years ago, there were all sorts of amazing media rooms with surround sound and banked seating, designed for friends to come round,” he says. “But people are realising they’re not using them like that.Continue reading ““Tide is beginning to turn … Friends aren’t coming round””

“Sons & Fascination”: a review

A review of my novel, from email archives.  From a publishing professional at OUP USA. You can find my book here: “My primary impression is that it was manfully told. And it certainly covered a lot of ground: the destabilizing force of an errant woman, the metropolis alternately exalted and detested, that peculiar modeContinue reading ““Sons & Fascination”: a review”

Liturgy of Modern Love: III (prose interval)

It occurs to me as slanted Autumn sun comes into the carriage that a lot of people who have said that they would keep in touch have not kept in touch and that makes me sad.  What use were the crazed confessions of love now that days are spent in front of Excel edifices?  IContinue reading “Liturgy of Modern Love: III (prose interval)”