Five Musical Talking Points

1). ‘Pretty Beat Up’ by the Stones is the *actual* sound of too much cocaine.  Sums up the 80s.  Remember the helicopter at the start of Oasis’s ‘Be Here Know’ (the song was the seven minute ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’)?  This song is that song, for this band.

2).  Yeasayer’s album isn’t as strong as it could have been, or indeed, as people were expecting it to be.

3). ‘Run My Heart’ is the strongest track from Twin Shadow’s new album.  Part Springsteen, part Erasure, and very good.

4). Erasure’s strongest album is a title up for debate.  ‘Erasure’ is pretty good, but ‘Chorus’ is probably stronger in terms of core songwriting.

5). Whilst we’re on a Vince Clark tip, ‘Speak and Spell’ and ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ are both great, but the later album (with Moyet, as ‘Yazoo’) is stronger.  ‘Only You’ remains one of the defining synth songs of the 80s and the lyric ‘This is going to take a long time / And I wonder what’s mine‘ is one of most evocative couplets about a break up of the entire decade.


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