Musical Roundup

A hectic few weeks.  Not entirely of the good kind: not the busy, working, productive kind.  The dissolute kind where evenings fray into mornings in a broken grey electrical cord of sadness and elation.I have begin my search for the perfect (for me) Walkman.  It will almost certainly be a Sony.  I bought a pairContinue reading “Musical Roundup”

Five Musical Talking Points

1). ‘Pretty Beat Up’ by the Stones is the *actual* sound of too much cocaine.  Sums up the 80s.  Remember the helicopter at the start of Oasis’s ‘Be Here Know’ (the song was the seven minute ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’)?  This song is that song, for this band. 2).  Yeasayer’s album isn’t as strongContinue reading “Five Musical Talking Points”

What I Learned This Weekend

I learned that girls will stay with a boy even if he is a ‘unbearable wanker, most of time’ if there are some good ‘throwdowns’.  I learnt what this meant. I learned that nostalgia isn’t just for the dreaming spires.  It’s possible to get (a bit) nostalgic for a 70s tower block. I learned thatContinue reading “What I Learned This Weekend”