The Melrose Novels by Edward St Aubyn have received great reviews, and very wide press coverage.  His quality as a writer is undoubted.  You read on, dazzled by the exquisite poise and savage brutality of his prose.

One quote particularly stood out, as I was reading the second novel, Bad News.  Today had turned into a dark, humid night in Berlin. Phosphorous and sodium light bleached into the night in a lurid yellowy tang of sleaze and the promise of a good time.  I sat Emma’s, a restaurant, outside, near a fountain.

“If only his body would turn into a pane of glass, the fleshless interval between two spaces, knowing both belonging to neither, then he would set free from the gross and savage debt he owed the rest of nature.”

I highlighted it, and stopped reading, unable to continue for the time being.

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