“Don’t examine your feelings.  Never examine your feelings — they’re no help at all.”

Patricia Campbell Hearst

“All rituals are destined to become obsolete sooner or later when they become mere empty shells which have lost their transformative powers. They can persist, of course, through a kind of cultural inertia which sustains their dynamic. Their enjoyment then does not proceed from the fresh meanings they produce but from the nostalgic
pleasure of reenacting some anachronistic behavior.”

Paul Bouissac, Circus as Multimodal Discourse (Bloomsbury, forthcoming)

“Suffice it to say. Don’t examine your feelings, they’re no help at all. Never take no cutoffs and hurry along as fast as you can. We need a goddamn South American revolutionary mixed up in this thing like a hole in the head. This was a California girl, and she was raised on a history that placed not much emphasis on why.”

Joan Didion, “Girl of the Golden West” from After Henry

“She fell asleep then, on her belly, one leg draped over my thigh, her all-American ass classic and twinkling, campus-worthy as ever.”

Don DeLillo, Americana

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