“And your Love is all around –“

I don’t indicate on the roundabout and my brother raises his voice just like he did when I gunned the engine up the hill in the wrong gear and with the clutch not down far enough.  The Fiesta bucks angrily. U2 are on the stereo talking about a New Year’s Day.  We swerve into theContinue reading ““And your Love is all around –“”

Song, lyric [pretension]

You never sang for me.  Despite my entreaties, my pleading.  My repeated questions, at random, at moments I thought you might reciprocate.  I sang snatches of song all the time: here and there, along with a track, humming as we promenaded awkwardly across a city you hated [disclosure: interpretative].  I sang in the shower whenContinue reading “Song, lyric [pretension]”

Ties and jumpers

We’re dining at The Cinnamon Club, a place we can’t really afford but there’s a special offer which always makes you conspicious but maybe that’s the point.  There’s only one woman in here, eating, and three businessmen drink coffee and have their petit fours near me and say things like “well, they are basically spongers”Continue reading “Ties and jumpers”