“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”

Reflection on past acts and future decisions can leave a man gasping for air, beaten down, trapped in the exquisite irony of having more choice than ever in world with rapidly shortening dimensions. What should reflection be, in best practice? Guidance that fleets past the grey shadowlines of choice making sprinkling a dust informed withContinue reading ““Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right””

“A vampire or a victim? It depends on who’s around.”

I remember discovering "Zooropa" (1993), which is in many ways the cooler younger brother (or, probably more appropriately, sister) of "Achtung Baby" (1991).  Here is an album recorded on tour, when U2 Mark II were at the very peak of their powers, a long, long way away from the earnest dust bowl melancholia of "TheContinue reading ““A vampire or a victim? It depends on who’s around.””

Compact Disc Format

I listen through some CDs; I mentally sort them, good, okay, very good, classic, an arbitrary movement through words of criticism, words of praise.  I get out my copy of U2’s ‘October’ and after Morrissey’s ‘You Are The Quarry’, it is beautiful, plangent, urgent, hungry, and full of (rightly or wrongly, that’s for you to decide)Continue reading “Compact Disc Format”