Home and the hearth

My novel, “Sons and Fascination” published in February 2011. Whilst not appearing soundtracked by resounding praise and blanket review coverage, I have nonetheless been pleased by people’s reactions. Ultimately, it is a novel about a search for home, especially the search for home and self that begins when your current home and situation is renderedContinue reading “Home and the hearth”

“I’m Not Saying Anything, I Say Too Much”

I spend the afternoon doing cover briefs.  I have to get data from a content management system, out into a spreadsheet, then put some of that data back into another spreadsheet, then type the relevant bits back into the content management system, then press a button, to generate a design brief, and then record that IContinue reading ““I’m Not Saying Anything, I Say Too Much””

Breath Is In, Breath Is Out

Does anyone remember Blackfriars Station? Even for the most ardent commuter it must be little more than a dull, sensory memory, rekindled by a smell or the announcement of its continuing closure. We inch past it as the District Line trundles eastbound. Delays on the way into work today (faulty Jubilee Line train near CanningContinue reading “Breath Is In, Breath Is Out”