100 Days

Wrapping this up then. 


AAAL2010 was good, in parts.  The conference was busy, but long.  Good to meet up with the linguistics publishing crowd though (specifically Routledge NY and Palgrave).  We drank microbrew at Max Lager’s and spent a disproportionate amount of time in Gibney’s Irish Pub on Guinness and Sam Adams.  I ate grits and found out that I can do two dinners in one night as long as I put in a comma that consists of a Bud Light.  I sat in a diner and karaoke bar with the guy from OUP and one of the girls at the table next to us fell asleep on the table.  It was around 3am.  I had lunch in a revolving restaurant on the 74th floor.  I saw a Hooters.  I drank a lot of Starbucks coffee.  I went the gym in the mornings.  I had to drink a lot of water.  I listened to Coldplay in the empty conference centre lobby and felt emotional.  I took a picture of a huge line of chilli sauces in Gyro’s Greek fast food place.  I bought some moonshine.  I went to the land-locked Georgia Aquarium and we later heard the recorded announcements in the Centennial Park declaim ‘no horseplay’ near the water jets.  We invented some improbably backstory whilst people watching.  I saw lots of tall buildings and I pondered driving to work and beers and platters in Max Lager’s after the office with my new Georgia county colleagues, all dressed in beige slacks and belts with visible stitching and rounded buckles.  A beer on a bar sitting on a napkin and my head sinking into my neck as I overdo the soul food every night.  I turn back from the vision and spot the parallels.  I nearly passed out a few times at the stand.  I felt angry at various authors for not stopping by.  I bought lunch from Farmer’s Basket but didn’t pick up a knife and mashed it all with a fork.  I ate a lot of cake.  I drank a lot.  I drank too much.  It took me nearly 2 calendar days to get home from rising to getting back to the flat.


#95 Anticipation – the wobbly feeling, the raise in heartbeat, the flood of endorphins.  Bad when you’re at desk.  But the primal instinct in the R-stem kicks in wherever you are.
#96 In-flight movies.
#97 Grits.  Southern breakfasts, Western omelettes but with GRITS.
#98 Determination to see a hangover through without paracetemol.
#99 Sam Adams
#100 Excellent humourous banter

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